Rubber Labware

MEDILAB offers a comprehensive range of Rubber Labware including Rubber Stoppers, Rubber Bellow for Auto Burette, Pipette Bulbs, Rubber Tubing, Silicon Tubing, Pads, and more. Rubber Labware finds its use in several areas of a laboratory.

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Rubber labware refers to laboratory equipment and apparatus made of rubber or rubber-like materials, such as silicone. It is used in various laboratory applications and experiments, including mixing, heating, cooling, and storing liquids and materials.

Advantages of Rubber Labware:

  1. Resistant to temperature fluctuations and corrosive chemicals
  2. Durable and flexible
  3. Non-reactive to most substances
  4. Good insulation properties
  5. Easy to handle and clean

Types of Rubber Labware:

  1. Rubber stoppers
  2. Silicone tubing
  3. Rubber stopper bungs
  4. Silicone gaskets
  5. Rubber septa
  6. Silicone mats
  7. Rubber tubing
  8. Silicone stopper balls

Rubber labware is commonly used in chemical, biological, and pharmaceutical laboratories, as well as in industrial applications where resistance to temperature and chemical exposure is important. The selection of rubber labware depends on the specific requirements of the experiment, including the temperature range, chemical compatibility, and required durability.