Made of Natural Rubber. It is resistant to light acids, light alkalis. The tubing is suitable for laboratory, pharmaceutical, industrial and educational purposes.
Shore Hardness: 50-55A
Tolerance: ±0.2MM
Temp: -20C to +70C

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Catalog No. Inner Diameter Wall Thickness Outer Diameter
(ID in MM) (W in MM) (OD in MM)
19804/1 3 3 9
19804/2 5 3 11
19804/3 6 3 12
19804/4 8 3 14
19804/5 9 3 15
19804/6 10 4 18
19804/7 12 4 20


Pressure rubber tubing is a type of tubing used for applications where high pressure is required. It is typically made from synthetic rubber materials that are designed to withstand high stress and pressure, and provide reliable performance in demanding environments.

Pressure rubber tubing is commonly used in applications such as fluid transfer, fluid power systems, and air and gas delivery. It is also used in automotive, marine, and industrial applications, where high-pressure fluid or gas delivery is required.

Pressure rubber tubing is typically designed to meet specific performance standards, such as SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) or ISO (International Organization for Standardization) specifications, and is available in a variety of sizes and wall thicknesses to meet the needs of different applications.

One of the key benefits of pressure rubber tubing is its excellent resistance to high pressure, temperature, and abrasion. It is also highly flexible, which allows it to be easily routed through tight spaces and around corners. Additionally, pressure rubber tubing is also resistant to a wide range of chemicals, including oils, fuels, and hydraulic fluids, making it an ideal choice for use in harsh environments.