Sintered / Filtration Glassware

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Filtration Lab Glassware refers to the tools used for separating solid particles from liquids in laboratory settings. The main objective of filtration is to purify or clarify a sample by removing impurities or suspended solids. Some common types of Filtration Lab Glassware include:

  1. Funnels: used to transfer liquids into filtration setups or to filter liquids.
  2. Filtering Flasks: flasks with a side arm and a stopper, used for filtration under vacuum.
  3. Buchner Funnels: filter funnels with a fritted glass disc at the bottom, used for gravity filtration of liquids.
  4. Filter Paper: used in conjunction with funnels and filter flasks to filter liquids.
  5. Syringe Filters: single-use filters that use a syringe to force a sample through a membrane.

Filtration is a commonly used technique in many scientific fields, including biology, chemistry, and medicine. The type of filtration setup and glassware used depends on the specific requirements of the sample being filtered and the desired outcome. Filtration glassware is typically made of materials such as borosilicate glass or plastic that are safe for use with chemicals and are easy to clean.