Dropping Funnel, Cylindrical, PTFE Stopcock

Dropping Funnel, Cylindrical, PTFE Stopcock

Cylindrical with PTFE key stopcock & Polyethylene stopper.

  • Compliance with ISO 4800 Standards
  • Provided with PE Stopper
  • With PTFE key stopcock


  1. Graduated Dropping funnel can also be offered.
  2. Printing can be done in White, Blue or Amber color enamel.
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Catalogue No.Effective LengthSocket SizeCone Size
11350/01 20019/2619/26
11350/02 40019/2619/26
11350/03 50034/3524/29
11350/04 750-29/32
11350/05 1000-29/32

A Dropping Funnel is a type of laboratory glassware used for the precise dispensing of liquids in a dropwise manner. It is typically used in chemical reactions where small, accurate amounts of reagents need to be added.

A Cylindrical Dropping Funnel is a type of dropping funnel that has a cylindrical shape. This design allows for precise control of the liquid flow and helps prevent spills and drips.

A PTFE Stopcock is a type of stopcock valve made of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), a material known for its chemical resistance, non-stick properties, and low friction. The valve consists of a cylindrical body with an opening that can be opened or closed by turning a knob or lever, allowing liquids to flow through or stopping the flow. PTFE stopcocks are commonly used in laboratory settings due to their chemical resistance and ease of use.