Air Condenser

Air Condenser

Manufactured using High-Grade Boro 3.3 Glass.

Other joint sizes can also be offered

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Catalogue No.Effective LengthSocket SizeCone Size
11350/01 20019/2619/26
11350/02 40019/2619/26
11350/03 50034/3524/29
11350/04 750-29/32
11350/05 1000-29/32

A laboratory glass air condenser is a type of condenser used in chemistry experiments to cool hot vapors. It consists of a glass cylinder with a central tube that is surrounded by a jacket through which air or water is circulated to transfer heat away from the central tube.

This allows the condensation of hot vapors and the collection of liquids. The design allows for efficient cooling while maintaining the integrity of the system by using a closed air or water source.