Laboratory Glass Flasks are laboratory glassware used for mixing, heating, and storing liquids in a laboratory setting. They come in various shapes, sizes and capacities to suit different applications and experiments.

Types of Laboratory Glass Flasks:

  1. Erlenmeyer Flask: It is a cone-shaped flask with a narrow neck, used for mixing and stirring liquids.
  2. Round-Bottom Flask: It is a spherical flask with a flat bottom, used for heating and mixing liquids.
  3. Volumetric Flask: It is a flask with a precise volume measurement, used for preparing and measuring specific volumes of liquids.
  4. Florence Flask: It is a round-bottomed flask with a long neck, used for heating and mixing liquids.
  5. Retort Flask: It is a flask with a long neck and a closed top, used for distillation and other heating processes.

Each type of laboratory glass flask has its specific applications and is used based on the requirement of the chemical reaction being performed. Proper cleaning and maintenance of flasks is important to ensure accurate and consistent results in laboratory experiments.

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