Le Chatelier Density Flask

Le Chatelier Density Flask

It is a 250 ml flask with a dual graduation neck from 0 to 1 ml and from 18 to 24 ml in 0.1 ml graduation. These are commonly used to determine the specific gravity of hydraulic cement and lime.

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A Le Chatelier density flask is a laboratory instrument used to determine the density of liquids. The flask is a specialized type of graduated flask that has a unique design, which allows it to compensate for thermal expansion and accurately measure the density of a liquid.

The flask is filled with the liquid to be tested, and the volume is determined by observing the level of the liquid in the flask at two different temperatures. The difference in the volume readings at the two temperatures is used to calculate the density of the liquid.

The Le Chatelier density flask is named after the French chemist Henri Louis Le Chatelier and is widely used in chemical and physical laboratories for determining the density of liquids.