Separating Funnels

Separating Funnel-MEDILAB

A separatory funnel is used for the separation of liquid from the liquid with different densities and solubility.  The bottom of the separatory funnel is narrow leading to a stopcock/ Valve, for separations of liquids.

MEDILAB’s range of Separating/ Dropping Funnels are made in various volumes/ sizes combined with a high-quality stopcock valve for controlled fluid delivery.

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A Glass Separating Funnel is a laboratory glassware used for separating immiscible liquids (liquids that don’t mix) based on density.

It has a cylindrical body with a stopcock at the bottom for controlling the flow, and a narrow neck with a stopper or a tap at the top for releasing or measuring the separated liquid.

Separating funnels are commonly used in chemistry for the separation of components of a mixture, extraction of liquids, and for washing or purifying samples.