Separating Funnel, Pear Shape, Glass Stopcock

Separating Funnel, Pear Shape, Glass Stopcock

with glass stopcock & Polyethylene stopper, Globe/Pear shape.

  • Compliance with ISO 4800 Standards
  • Provided with PE Stopper
  • With Glass key stopcock
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A Separating Funnel is a type of laboratory glassware used to transfer a mixture of liquids from one container to another by using gravity and a stopper to separate the layers of the mixture.

A Pear Shape, also known as a separatory funnel, is a type of separating funnel that has a curved bottom and a tapered upper section, giving it the appearance of a pear.

A Glass Stopcock is a type of stopcock valve made of glass, used in laboratory settings to control the flow of liquids. It consists of a cylindrical body with an opening that can be opened or closed by turning a knob or lever, allowing liquids to flow through or stopping the flow. Unlike PTFE stopcocks, glass stopcocks are not as chemically resistant, but they offer good transparency and are often preferred for applications where the fluid being handled must not come into contact with synthetic materials.