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MEDILAB specializes in the manufacturing of Scientific Laboratory Glassware from high-grade borosilicate 3.3 glass in compliance with the International Standards.

Volumetric Glassware by MEDILAB is manufactured and calibrated to precision, as per ISO/ DIN Standards in our In-house Calibration Lab, ensuring precise Class A/ AS accuracy.

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Medilab’s Volumetric Glassware

Measuring Liquids & Chemical Solutions!

Medilab is one of the top-most volumetric glassware manufacturers in India. We have extensive experience in manufacturing volumetric glassware found in the chemistry laboratory, such as volumetric flasks, graduated cylinders, pipettes, burettes etc.

Let us tell you about volumetric glassware which is commonly used in the laboratory.

Volumetric Glassware

The field of quantitative chemistry makes use of a wide variety of glassware for the purpose of measuring liquid volumes. Volumetric glassware gives us precise calculations, which are necessary in studying quantitative chemistry. Due to its low reactivity, exceptional durability, and low cost, glass is the sole material used for equipment in chemistry.

To get results that are more precise, it is also necessary to calibrate volumetric glassware on a regular basis. First, let’s define what calibration is.


The most important consideration in quantitative chemistry is accuracy. A small measurement error can cause a major catastrophe. Because of this, this field only uses standard volumetric glassware.

Kinds of Glassware

Borosilicate glass, which is resistant to heat shock and chemical attack, is used to make laboratory glassware. On the basis of calibration, volumetric glassware can often be classified into two groups.

There are generally two types of glassware used in laboratories:

Class A Volumetric Glassware

Class A volumetric glassware is used for tasks demanding the highest degree of accuracy. Class A Borosilicate volumetric glassware offers improved thermal and chemical resistance and is better suited for glassware for storing solutions, such as flasks. It complies with the ASTM E694 standards.

The glassware is marked with the letter A and is calibrated to a tolerance level that is half that of Class B glassware. It comes with a calibration certificate with a special serial number to demonstrate traceability. Glass of type A doesn’t need to be calibrated again.

Class B Volumetric Glassware

Class B volumetric glassware has double the tolerance of Class A volumetric glassware. It needs to be calibrated before usage and is used for normal tasks.

Types of Laboratory Glassware

The graduated cylinder, volumetric flask, burette, and pipette are the four most popular varieties of volumetric glassware. These will be covered individually and have particular applications. But there are some aspects that apply to all sorts of things. These concern cleanliness and precise volume reading.

Glass Volumetric Flask

A volumetric flask is a pear-shaped lab tool with a flat, circular bottom that is frequently employed for dilutions and the creation of standard solutions.

The graded flask or volumetric flask is a chemically resistant, lightweight, and small container. On the expanded neck of the flask, there is a ring graduation marking that specifies the liquid volume when filled up to the meniscus. To avoid spills and keep the chemicals at the proper temperature, the flask features a PE stopper along the ridge.

Graduated Cylinder

A graduated cylinder—also referred to as a measuring cylinder, a mixing cylinder, or just a cylinder—is a typical piece of lab equipment used to measure the volume of a liquid. It’s cylindrical in shape and is narrow. The measured liquid amount is shown by each marked line on the graduated cylinder.


A pipette is a tiny tube used to transport liquids between containers. Pipettes and pipettes are typical items of lab equipment.

Volumetric pipettes only move a single, predefined volume of liquid. Because of their shape, which consists of a long, tube-like shaft at the bottom and top and a bulb in the centre where the majority of the solution is kept, they are frequently referred to as bulb pipettes.

The name also refers to the manually operated rubber or plastic bulb that is attached to the top of the pipette and used to create a vacuum. Volumetric pipettes may appear simple, but they are incredibly accurate.


A burette is used to accurately dispense small amounts of gas or liquid known as aliquots. It comprises a lengthy glass tube with a valve to regulate the liquid’s flow at one end. The use of burettes is quite similar to that of a pipette.

Volumetric burettes are hand-held devices that have graduation marks etched into a glass tube. As soon as the valve is opened, fluid begins to flow due to gravity. At the bottom of liquid burettes is the valve. In gas burettes, the valve is at the top, and the volume of the gas is precisely measured as it is displaced by a liquid, such as water, mercury, or oil.

Nessler Cylinder

Nessler cylinders are used as reaction vessels or for solution colour and turbidity comparisons and are made of borosilicate glass that has been calibrated to Class A standards. Include marks for the nominal stroke volume, halfway point, and an optically plane bottom.

Amber Lab Glassware

Amber glass is perfect for uses that require light sensitivity. Tinted glass is often only utilized in bottles to hold chemicals that are in solution or powder form in a science laboratory. They protect the solutions and chemicals from UV radiation and are typically used to store them.

Medilab Exports Consortium

MEDILAB is a leading manufacturer of laboratory glassware including Calibrated Volumetric Glassware. High-quality borosilicate glass is used in all of MEDILAB’s laboratory glassware to make our products comply with the set international standards.

Volumetric Glassware by MEDILAB is made and calibrated with highest accuracy at our in-house calibration lab in accordance with ISO/DIN Standards, ascertaining exact Class A accuracy so that it matches the high standards our customers have gotten used to.

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