Burette, Automatic Zero, Amber Glass, Class A

Burette, Automatic Zero, Amber Glass, Class A

Medilab Automatic Zero Burette is mounted on an Amber Glass Reservoir with straight bore PTFE key stopcock & Rubber Bellow. Class ‘AS’.

Amber Glass is used when working with Light-Sensitive Chemicals.

• With Batch Certificate
• Complies with DIN/ISO 385 standard

An automatic burette is connected with a bottle containing the titration solution. The rubber bellow pumps the air into the bottle, creating pressure inside the bottle further which rises the solution to the top of the burette. As soon as the burette is full, the valve is released, which makes the pressure fall in the bottle and simultaneously the burette automatically sets itself to zero.


Class "AS"
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Amber Glass, Burette, Automatic Zero


A burette with an automatic zero, amber glass and Class A accuracy is a laboratory instrument used for precise measurement of liquid volumes. A burette is a cylindrical glass tube with graduations, used for dispensing precise volumes of liquids. The automatic zero feature ensures that the burette is accurately set to zero before each use.

The amber glass provides protection from light and helps to preserve the quality of light-sensitive liquids. Class A accuracy refers to the highest level of precision, which is typically within 0.05% of the total volume.

This type of burette is commonly used in chemical and biological laboratories for tasks such as titration and solution preparation.