Laboratory Stopcocks​

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The stopcock is a valve that is inserted into the tubing and is used to start, stop, or regulate the flow of liquid. It is typically made of glass or plastic and is used in chemical and scientific laboratories.

A glass stopcock typically consists of a cylindrical body with a tapered stem that extends through the center of the body. The stem is equipped with a knob or handle that is used to open or close the valve. The valve can be adjusted to allow for a full flow, a partial flow, or a complete shut-off of the liquid.

Stopcocks are typically made of glass or plastic, the glass stopcocks are preferred for applications that require a high level of chemical resistance, while plastic stopcocks are used where chemical resistance is not as crucial. The glass stopcock is also suitable for high-temperature applications and can withstand high pressure.

Glass stopcocks are widely used in different applications such as in chemical reactions, distillation, filtration, and other laboratory procedures that require precise control of liquid flow. They are easy to clean and can be used multiple times.

PTFE Key Glass Stopcocks are laboratory glassware used for controlling the flow of liquids in a laboratory setting. They consist of a glass stem with a PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) key for easy and precise control of the flow of liquids.

Applications of PTFE Key Glass Stopcocks:

  1. Controlling the flow of liquids in reaction setups
  2. Regulating the flow of gases in a laboratory setting
  3. Stopping and starting the flow of liquids in a laboratory setup

Features of PTFE Key Glass Stopcocks:

  1. PTFE key provides smooth and easy control of the flow of liquids
  2. Glass stem ensures chemical compatibility with a wide range of laboratory chemicals
  3. Precision machining of the joint ensures a leak-proof seal

PTFE Key Glass Stopcocks are an essential component of many laboratory setups and are widely used in a variety of laboratory procedures. Proper cleaning and maintenance of PTFE Key Glass Stopcocks is important to ensure accurate and consistent results in laboratory experiments.