Rotaflow Stopcock, Right Angle

Rotaflow Stopcock, Right Angle

Rotaflow Stopcock, Right Angle / 90 º

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A Rotaflow Stopcock, Right Angle is laboratory equipment used for controlling the flow of liquids. It is a type of valve mechanism with a right-angle design, which allows for easy access to the valve mechanism. The stopcock consists of a rotating knob, which allows for smooth and easy flow control.

The stopcock is typically made of materials such as PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) or other engineering plastics that have low friction and high chemical resistance. The right-angle design of the Rotaflow stopcock allows for easy integration into experimental setups and facilitates the flow of liquids in confined spaces.

The stopcock provides a leak-proof seal and is easy to clean and maintain. The rotating knob design of the stopcock allows for precise control of the flow of liquid, making it ideal for applications that require accurate dispensing in chemical, biological, and pharmaceutical experiments.