Burette Automatic Zero, Class A

Burette Automatic Zero, Class A

mounted on reservoir with straight bore PTFE key stopcock & rubber bellow. Class ‘AS’,

• With Batch Certificate
• Complies with DIN/ISO 385 standard

An automatic burette is connected with a bottle containing the titration solution. The rubber below pumps the air into the bottle, creating pressure inside the bottle further which rises the solution to the top of the burette. As soon as the burette is full, the valve is released, which makes the pressure fall in the bottle and simultaneously the burette automatically sets itself to zero.

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Class "AS"
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A Burette Automatic Zero, Class A is a type of laboratory glassware used for measuring and dispensing liquids in precise quantities. Burettes are long, narrow tubes with a stopcock for controlling the flow of liquid.

The Automatic Zero burette is designed to automatically reset to zero after each use, ensuring accurate readings and measurements. The stopcock can be adjusted to control the flow of liquid, and the burette is graduated with markings to accurately measure the volume of liquid dispensed.

Class A burettes are highly accurate, with a tolerance of +/- 0.03 mL. This level of accuracy makes them ideal for use in a wide range of laboratory applications, including titrations and chemical reactions, where precise measurements are essential.

The Burette Automatic Zero, Class A is an important piece of laboratory equipment and is widely used in chemical and analytical laboratory applications where accurate measurement and dispensing of liquids are important.