Flask, Pear Shape, Two Neck

Flask, Pear Shape, Two Neck

Flask, Pear shape with Two Neck

  • Made from Boro 3.3 glass, resistant to heat and chemical attacks
  • Used for Semi Micro Distillation
  • Side neck at an angle of 25°
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A flask, pear shape, two neck is a type of laboratory glassware that is used for mixing, heating, and other chemical processes. As the name suggests, it has a pear-shaped body and two necks.

The pear-shaped body of the flask provides a larger surface area for contents inside the flask to be exposed to heat or other external sources, allowing for faster reactions or heating processes. The two necks of the flask allow for the connection of other laboratory glassware components, such as adapters or condensers, for the transfer of liquids or gases.

The flask is commonly used in a variety of laboratory applications, including chemical reactions, distillations, and evaporation processes. The pear shape, two neck flask is an important piece of laboratory glassware and is widely used in chemical and analytical applications.