Sintered Crucible

Sintered Crucible

Filter Crucible, with sintered disc

Gooch type, porosity G-0 or G-1 or G-2 or G-3 or G-4



Catalogue No.Funnel Dia. (mm)Pack of


A Sintered Crucible is a type of laboratory equipment used for high-temperature processes, such as melting, refining, and casting of metals, alloys, and other materials. It is made by compacting powdered material into a mold and heating it under pressure to form a dense, homogenous mass.

The sintering process results in a material that is strong, heat-resistant, and has high thermal conductivity, making it ideal for high-temperature applications. Sintered crucibles come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are made from materials such as alumina, zirconia, or silicon carbide. They are commonly used in metallurgy, materials science, and ceramic manufacturing.