Sintered Disc

Sintered Disc

Available in grade 1 or 2 or 3 or 4. Grade 0 and 5 also available on request


Catalogue No.Disc Dia (mm)
11015/1110 to 32
11015/1233 to 38
11015/1339 to 50
11015/1459 to 60
11015/1561 to 75
11015/1676 to 93
11015/1794 to 120


A sintered disc is a type of component manufactured through a process called sintering. In sintering, a mixture of metal or ceramic powders is compacted under high pressure and then subjected to high temperatures to fuse the particles together and create a solid, dense object.

Sintered discs have a porous structure, making them suitable for use as filters, bearings, or friction plates in various industries, including automotive and aerospace. The sintering process also results in increased strength and wear resistance, making sintered discs ideal for demanding applications.