Funnel Buchner

Funnel Buchner

Buchner Funnel, with sintered disc, porosity G-0 or G-1 or G-2 or G-3 or G-4


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A glass Buchner funnel with a sintered disc is a laboratory apparatus used in filtration processes. It consists of a cylindrical glass funnel with a flat bottom, a stem, and a sintered disc that acts as a filter. The sintered disc is made of metal or ceramic powders that have been compacted and subjected to high heat, creating a strong, porous, and uniform material.

The disc is placed inside the funnel and acts as a barrier to trap solid particles while allowing liquids to pass through and be collected in a flask or other container below. The Buchner funnel with the sintered disc is commonly used in chemical, pharmaceutical, and biological applications for the filtration and purification of liquids and suspensions.

The sintered disc provides a high level of efficiency and uniformity, making it a preferred choice for many laboratory filtration applications.