Pressure Tubing Green

Pressure Tubing Green

It is resistant to light acids, light alkalis. The tubing is suitable for laboratory, pharmaceutical, industrial and educational purposes.

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Catalogue No. Inner Diameter Wall Thickness Outer Diameter
(ID in MM) (W in MM) (OD in MM)
19806/1 6.4 3.2 12.8


Pressure tubing green refers to a type of tubing used in various industrial and laboratory applications for transferring fluids under pressure. The green color of the tubing is used to distinguish it from other types of tubing or to color code it for a specific purpose.

The tubing is typically made of a flexible and durable material, such as PVC or silicone, that can withstand the pressure of the fluids being transferred. Pressure tubing is used in a variety of applications, including laboratory experiments, chemical processes, and fluid handling systems.

The tubing is typically cut to length and fitted with fittings, such as adapters or couplings, to connect it to other components in the system. The use of pressure tubing helps to ensure that fluids are transported efficiently and safely, reducing the risk of leaks and other accidents.