Cork Borer Sharpner

Cork Borer Sharpner

Catalogue No. – 19013

It is a sharpening tool that allows to maintain of the cutting edge of cork/stopper borers. It is made up of a finished wooden handle and plated metal with cone hinged cutter blade in a slot.

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A Cork Borer Sharpener is a laboratory tool used for sharpening cork borers. Cork borers are cylindrical tubes used in laboratory experiments to cut out uniform samples from soft materials like cork, rubber, or foam.

Over time, repeated use can cause the cutting edge of the cork borer to become dull, making it difficult to get clean and precise samples. This is where the cork borer sharpener comes in handy.

The sharpener is typically a handheld tool with a conical sharpening stone or abrasive material mounted on its tip. To use it, the cork borer is inserted into the sharpening cone and twisted back and forth until the cutting edge is restored.

Having a sharp cork borer is essential in conducting accurate and precise experiments in the laboratory, which is why a cork borer sharpener is a valuable tool for researchers and scientists.