Spirit Lamp, Glass, Round

Spirit Lamp, Glass, Round

Catalogue No. – 19024
Spirit Flame is used to produce an open flame. It is Round in shape

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A spirit lamp with a glass round shape is a type of laboratory burner that uses a small flame to heat liquids or perform simple chemical reactions. The lamp consists of a glass container, usually with a round shape and a narrow opening at the top, that holds a small amount of liquid fuel such as ethanol or methanol.

The fuel is ignited using a wick or by direct application of a flame. Glass spirit lamps are often used in biology and chemistry laboratories for heating small test tubes or for performing flame tests. They are also commonly used in medical settings for heating surgical instruments and for sterilizing small equipment.

Glass spirit lamps are favored for their transparent container, which allows the user to see the fuel level and flame intensity, and for their ease of cleaning. However, they are less efficient and less controllable than other types of burners and may not be suitable for larger-scale experiments or for applications that require precise temperature control. Additionally, glass spirit lamps are fragile and can break if not handled carefully.