Chloroform Bellow, with cotton net

Chloroform Bellow, with cotton net

Catalogue No. – 19020
with a cotton net.It is usable with automatic Burettes.

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A chloroform bellow with a cotton net is a small, hand-operated pump used in laboratories for dispensing small amounts of liquids, such as chloroform. It consists of a rubber bulb, which is squeezed by hand to draw liquid into the bellow, and a cotton net filter that prevents solid particles from entering the pump or being dispensed.

Chloroform bellows with cotton net are commonly used in chemistry and biology laboratories for adding small amounts of liquid reagents to a solution or for washing and rinsing small samples. They are also commonly used in medical settings for dispensing medicines or for cleaning wounds.

Chloroform bellows are preferred over other types of dispensers, such as glass pipettes or plastic syringes, because they are less likely to break or contaminate the liquid being dispensed. The cotton net filter ensures that the liquid is free from impurities and solid particles, making it a useful tool for laboratory work. However, it may not be suitable for applications that require precise measurement or control of the liquid volume.