Beaker Tong

Beaker Tong

Catalogue No. – 19008

Beaker Tong with Rubber-Coated Sleeves.

Ensures a firm grip for Beakers, both Hot and Cold.

Can hold from 50ml to 2000ml Beakers.


A Beaker Tong, also known as a beaker clamp, is a laboratory tool used to hold and move hot beakers, flasks, or other glassware without the need to touch them directly with your hands.

The tool consists of two metal arms with rubber-coated jaws that can be adjusted to grip the top and bottom of the beaker securely. The arms are connected by a hinge and have insulated handles that protect the user’s hands from heat.

Beaker Tongs are typically made of stainless steel, which is durable and resistant to corrosion, and the rubber-coated jaws provide a secure grip that prevents the glassware from slipping or breaking.

Beaker tongs are used to handle hot glassware that has been heated on a hotplate or over a flame, and are especially useful when working with corrosive or hazardous chemicals that require extra precautions.

Overall, Beaker Tongs are a safety tool that helps protect laboratory personnel from burns or other injuries while handling hot glassware, and are commonly used in various scientific disciplines, including chemistry, biology, and materials science.