With 12-step inner wall for good stability.
Suitable for round bottom flasks, flat bottom flasks, beakers etc.
Temp Range: -50°C to + 250°C

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Catalogue No. Rubber Type
19831/1 Silicone Rubber


A flask stand is a laboratory apparatus used to hold and support laboratory flasks during experiments or procedures. It is typically made of sturdy metal, such as stainless steel, and consists of a base and one or more tiers of rings or clamps.

The rings or clamps on a flask stand are designed to securely hold flasks of various sizes and shapes, preventing them from tipping over or moving during use. Flask stands are commonly used in chemistry, biology, and other scientific disciplines that involve the use of flasks.

The base of a flask stand is usually heavy and stable, providing a solid foundation for the flasks and minimizing the risk of accidents or spills. The rings or clamps are adjustable, allowing for flexibility in the arrangement of the flasks.

Flask stands are available in a variety of sizes and configurations, from small single-tier stands to large multi-tier stands with multiple rings or clamps. Some flask stands may also include other features, such as built-in heating or stirring capabilities.