SAFETY BURNER TUBE (Neoprene Rubber)

SAFETY BURNER TUBE (Neoprene Rubber)

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Catalog No. Sizes
19829/1 450mm
19829/2 600mm
19829/3 900mm
19829/4 1000mm


A safety burner tube made of neoprene rubber is a laboratory accessory that is used to provide protection to laboratory workers from hot flames produced by a laboratory burner. The tube is designed to cover the exposed section of the laboratory burner and can be used with different types of burners, including Bunsen burners and alcohol burners.

The safety burner tube is made of neoprene rubber, which is a heat-resistant material that can withstand high temperatures. The neoprene rubber also provides a secure grip to the laboratory burner and prevents it from slipping during use.

The safety burner tube is available in different sizes to fit different types of laboratory burners, and it can be easily attached to the burner by sliding it over the exposed section. The tube has a closed end that prevents flames from escaping, ensuring that laboratory workers are protected from the heat produced by the burner.