Screw Gauge

Screw Gauge

Catalogue No. – 19009

Screw Gauge also known as MicroMeter. It is used for measuring exactly the diameter of a thin wire or the width of a sheet of metal.

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A Screw Gauge, also known as a micrometer screw gauge, is a precision measuring tool commonly used in laboratory and engineering settings to measure the thickness or diameter of small objects with high accuracy.

The tool consists of a U-shaped frame with a measuring spindle and an anvil, which are used to grip the object being measured. The spindle is moved by turning a screw with a very fine pitch, which rotates the spindle towards or away from the anvil, depending on the direction of rotation.

The Screw Gauge has a linear scale with fine markings, typically in millimeters, on the barrel of the instrument, and a rotating thimble with an additional scale of markings that is used to read the measurement with greater precision. The difference between the thimble scale and the barrel scale gives the measurement in thousandths of a millimeter, or sometimes in hundred-thousandths of an inch.

Screw gauges are used to measure the thickness of small objects, such as paper, wire, or thin sheets of metal, and are also used to measure the diameter of cylindrical objects, such as test tubes, micro pipettes or small bearings. Some models also come with interchangeable anvils and measuring heads for more versatility.

Overall, Screw Gauges are a versatile and reliable tool for precise measurements in laboratory settings, and are commonly used in physics, engineering, and materials science research.