These bulb-type pipe e-fillers are designed for one-hand operation. Pipette fillers improve worker safety by eliminating mouth pipes and handling hazardous materials.
Users can control air evacuation, liquid uptake, and liquid dispensing with three valves containing chemically resistant stainless steel balls. Pinching or releasing valves provides smooth liquid flow. Fits standard-size pipets.
Pipette filler with 3 valves:
Valve A: Release air
Valve S: Fililng
Valve E: Delivery
Size: 50ml

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Catalog No. Rubber Type
19827/1 Silicone Rubber
19827/2 Natural Rubber


A pipette filler is a laboratory tool used to fill pipettes, which are small glass or plastic tubes used for transferring precise volumes of liquids. Pipette fillers are commonly used in chemistry and biology laboratories for various applications, such as preparing samples, conducting experiments, and analyzing data.

A pipette filler typically consists of a rubber bulb or a handheld pump with a pipette adapter. The bulb or pump is used to create suction that draws liquid into the pipette. The pipette filler is attached to the top of the pipette and the user squeezes the bulb or pump to create the suction. Once the desired amount of liquid has been drawn into the pipette, the user can release the bulb or pump to stop the flow of liquid.

Pipette fillers are available in various designs and sizes, and can be made from different materials, such as rubber or plastic. They are typically easy to use and provide a convenient and efficient way to fill pipettes accurately and precisely. Pipette fillers are essential laboratory tools that help ensure the accuracy and reliability of experimental results.