Silicone Rubber Cones

To avoid glass to glass contact. Used on many filtering apparatus, flasks, Buchner funnel etc.

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Catalogue No. Sizes
19820/1 250/500ml
19820/2 1/2 Litre
19820/3 5 Litre
19820/4 10 Litre


Laboratory filtration rubber cones, also known as Buchner funnels, are cone-shaped funnels made of rubber or other flexible materials that are used for filtering liquids in a laboratory setting. They are typically used in conjunction with filter paper to remove solid particles and impurities from the liquid being filtered.

Filtration rubber cones are commonly used in chemistry and biology laboratories for various applications, such as separating solids from liquids, filtering solutions, and preparing samples for analysis. They are designed with a tapered stem that fits into a filtration flask or other receiving container, and a flat or slightly curved rim that holds the filter paper securely in place.

Filtration rubber cones are available in different sizes and materials, depending on the specific application and the type of liquid being filtered. They are easy to clean and can be sterilized for use in sterile environments.