Rubber pipette bulb allows safe, manual control of filling or discharging toxic liquids through a pipette by finger pressure (thus, avoiding mouth contact).

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Silicone Rubber :

Catalog No. Size Capacity
19823/1 Small 5ml
19823/2 Medium 10ml
19823/3 Large 15ml
19823/4 Extra large 20ml
19823/5 Oval 25ml
19823/6 Super Large 50ml
19823/7 Extra Super Large 100ml


Natural Rubber :

Catalog No. Size Capacity
19823/11 Small 5ml
19823/12 Medium 10ml
19823/13 Large 15ml
19823/14 Extra large 20ml
19823/15 Oval 25ml
19823/16 Super Large 50ml
19823/17 Extra Super Large 100ml

*Small, Medium & Large available in Pack of 100.

*Extra Large, Oval, Super Large & Extra Super Large available in Pack of 50.

Pipette bulbs are commonly used in laboratory settings, particularly in chemistry, biology, and medical research. They are essential for accurate and precise measurement of liquids in small volumes. The pipette bulb is squeezed and released to create suction, which draws the liquid into the pipette. The amount of liquid dispensed can be controlled by releasing the pressure on the bulb.

Pipette bulbs are available in different sizes and shapes, depending on the size of the pipette being used. They are made of durable materials that can withstand repeated use and can be sterilized for use in sterile environments.