Test Tube With Screw Cap, PP

Test Tube With Screw Cap, PP

These tubes provide excellent option for RIA, coagulation & bacteriology etc. The cap in screwed on to the tube & hence this tube can be filled up to the brim. Material : Polypropylene

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12060/0116 x 100 mm500 Pcs.

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A test tube with a screw cap is a laboratory container used for the collection, storage, and transportation of small amounts of liquid or solid samples. The test tube is typically made of polypropylene (PP), a durable and lightweight plastic material.

The test tube has a cylindrical shape and a volume ranging from 1 to 15 mL. It is equipped with a tight-fitting screw cap, which prevents spills and leaks and provides a secure seal during sample handling. The screw cap also enables the user to open and close the test tube easily and quickly.

Test tubes with screw caps are used in various laboratory applications, including chemical and biological experiments, sample storage, and sample preparation. They provide a convenient and cost-effective solution for storing and handling small quantities of samples.

Proper sample collection and storage procedures must be followed to ensure the accuracy and validity of test results. These may include avoiding cross-contamination, keeping samples at appropriate temperatures, and storing samples for appropriate time periods before analysis.