Test Tube Cap, PP

Test Tube Cap, PP

This transparent polypropylene cap for Test Tubes proves to be an excellent protection to the contents to the tubes. The grooves inside the cap tighten the fitting on the tube while the outer grooves would hold identification labels. The built in seal ring would set in the tube making the combination a leakproof one. Material: Polypropylene

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12061/01Cap for Test Tube 25 mm100 Pcs.

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A test tube cap, also known as a test tube stopper, is a small plastic or rubber cap used to seal and close test tubes. The test tube cap is typically made of polypropylene (PP) or other plastic materials, or rubber.

Test tube caps are designed to fit snugly onto the opening of a test tube, providing a secure seal to prevent spills and leaks during sample handling. They are used in a variety of laboratory applications, including chemical and biological experiments, sample storage, and sample preparation.

Test tube caps come in different shapes, sizes, and colors to match the specific test tube used. Some test-tube caps are flat on top, while others have a dome shape to allow for easy removal. Some test-tube caps have an adjustable center that can be opened and closed to allow for sample addition or removal.

Test tube caps are an essential piece of laboratory equipment for the safe and efficient handling of test tube samples. Proper sample collection and storage procedures must be followed to ensure the accuracy and validity of test results.