Pipette Top

Pipette Top

Pipette top offers safer more convenient filling and dispensing for glass and plastic pipettes from 1ml to 100ml pipettes. Pull the slide lever when vacuum is needed. A single rocker switch accurately controls aspiration and dispensing. Disposable, in-line filter prevents contamination. Material: PP/Silicone

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A pipette top is a device used to transfer liquids in a laboratory setting. It is attached to the end of a pipette, replacing the original pipette tip. Pipette tops are designed to improve the accuracy, precision, and comfort of liquid handling. They are available in various designs, such as adjustable volume, filter, and dispenser tops, depending on the specific application.

Pipette tops can be used in many scientific fields, including molecular biology, genetics, and chemistry, to perform precise and accurate liquid handling tasks such as dispensing, transferring, or mixing liquids.