Variable Volume Micropipette

Variable Volume Micropipette

Variable Volume Micropipettes feature built in tip ejectors and autoclavable tip cones. Offered in nine volume ranges. know more……

Catalogue No.Capacity ml
12130/010.5 - 10
12130/022 - 20
12130/035 - 50
12130/0410 - 100
12130/0520 - 200
12130/06100 - 1000
12130/071000 - 5000
12130/082000 - 10000
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A variable volume micropipette is a laboratory equipment used for transferring a precise volume of liquid. It is a type of micropipette that allows the user to adjust and dispense a specific volume of liquid, typically ranging from 0.5 μL to 10 mL. The volume is adjustable by a mechanical or electronic mechanism and can be set to a desired value for each use.

Variable volume micropipettes are commonly used in laboratory settings for tasks such as adding a specific amount of reagent to a solution, dispensing a varying volume of a sample, or performing serial dilutions. They are widely used in molecular biology, genetics, and other scientific fields that require precise and accurate liquid handling.