Pipette Stand (Vertical)

Pipette Stand (Vertical)

This is a stable, non-corrosive, detachable Stand which can hold 28 pipettes with maximum dia 14 mm. The heavy base measures 225 mm in diameter and a Polypropylene coated square rod measuring 375 mm in length is screwed into the base. The top disc that can be fixed on the rod has holes for holding pipettes while the lower one has pilot holes where the pipette tips rest and liquids drain down to the base. These discs can be adjusted on the rod according to the length of the pipette. The arrows provided on the discs should be kept parallel to ensure that corresponding holes are being centered. Material : Polypropylene

Catalogue No.Capacity ml
12094/01for 28 Pipettes
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A pipette stand (vertical) is laboratory equipment used to hold and organize pipettes. It is designed to hold multiple pipettes in a vertical position, providing easy access and preventing contamination by keeping the pipettes off the bench.

Vertical pipette stands are typically made of metal or plastic and have slots or holes for holding pipettes of different sizes. These stands are commonly used in laboratory settings to store and access pipettes for dispensing liquids or for general laboratory organization.