Pipette Stand (94 Pipettes-Rotary)

Pipette Stand (94 Pipettes-Rotary)

This unique Stand holds a maximum of 94 pipettes and rotates on a central vertical axis for convenient selection of any particular pipette. The lower rotating disc has four concentric troughs with tapered sides and open bottoms which cradle the pipette tips protectively and permit water drops to run off. The upper disc has a grid pattern concentric with the bottom disc and keeps the pipettes vertical. Liquids draining off the pipettes are retained on the top of the stationary base by the outer ring. This stand can be easily disassembled & reassembled. Material: Polypropylene

Catalogue No.Capacity ml
12095/01For 94 Pipettes
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A pipette stand (94 pipettes-rotary) is laboratory equipment used to hold and organize pipettes. It is designed to hold 94 pipettes in a rotary fashion, allowing for easy access and selection of a desired pipette. This type of pipette stand is equipped with a rotating mechanism, making it possible to spin the stand to access a specific pipette.

The stand typically has slots or holes for holding pipettes of different sizes. This type of pipette stand is commonly used in laboratory settings to store and access a large number of pipettes in a compact and organized manner.