Heavy Duty Vacuum Bottle, PP

Heavy Duty Vacuum Bottle, PP

This autoclavable bottle has thick walls, is rugged & can be used for repeated applications of vaccum. Material : Polypropylene

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12010/012000 ml1 Pc.
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A Heavy Duty Vacuum Bottle is a type of container designed for storing and dispensing liquids in high-pressure or high-temperature applications. The heavy-duty construction provides additional strength and durability to withstand harsh laboratory conditions.

They are typically made of polypropylene (PP), a type of plastic that is known for its strength, durability, and chemical resistance. The bottle is designed to create a vacuum seal, which helps to maintain the integrity of the contents and prevent contamination.

Heavy Duty Vacuum Bottles are commonly used in various scientific fields, including chemistry, biology, and pharmaceuticals, for storing and dispensing solutions, reagents, and other liquids that require protection from pressure or temperature changes.