Serological Pipette Sterile

Serological Pipette Sterile

Individually wrapped graduated pipettes with paper/plastic peel-pack. Unique color-coded plug allows easy size identification & inhibits aerosol contamination. Lot numbers printed on each pipette wrapper.

Material: PS

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A serological pipette sterile is a laboratory equipment used for transferring precise volumes of liquids. It is made of glass or plastic and has a thin, elongated stem and a rounded bulb at one end that creates a vacuum when squeezed. The vacuum allows the user to draw liquid into the pipette and dispense it precisely. Serological pipettes are commonly used in laboratory settings for tasks such as adding a small amount of reagent to a solution, transferring a sample, or measuring a specific volume of liquid.

This type of pipette is specifically designed for use in sterile environments, such as cell culture and tissue culture applications, and is packaged in a way to maintain its sterility until use. The packaging is typically a sterile blister pack or a sterile bag to prevent contamination. Serological pipettes are commonly used in microbiology, biochemistry, and other laboratory fields that require precise and accurate liquid handling in a sterile environment.