Wide Mouth Square Bottle, PP

Wide Mouth Square Bottle, PP

This autoclavable bottle can be used for storing & shipping chemicals & reagents. Being wide-mouthed, it is always convenient to pour in & take out the reagents. The built in depressions on two sides provide excellent grip while holding this bottle. Material : Polypropylene

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12009/014000 ml1 Pc.
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A Wide Mouth Square Bottle is a type of container commonly used in laboratory settings to store and dispense liquids. The wide mouth design allows for easy access and filling of the bottle, as well as making it easier to clean. The square shape provides stability and helps to conserve space on laboratory shelves.

They are typically made of polypropylene (PP), a type of plastic that is strong, durable, and resistant to a wide range of chemicals. Wide Mouth Square Bottles are commonly used in various scientific fields, including chemistry, biology, and pharmaceuticals, for storing and dispensing solutions, reagents, and other liquids.

The clear plastic material allows for easy visual inspection of the contents and the label area provides a space for labeling and identification.