Policemen Stirring Rods, PP

Policemen Stirring Rods, PP

This, in-fact, is a multipurpose apparatus which works as a stirrer as well spatula. The fattened ends of this rod form two small spatulas. Material : Polypropylene

Catalogue No.ParticularsPacking
12110/01ø-6 mm x h-245 mm12 Pcs.


Polypropylene (PP) policeman stirring rods are laboratory tools used for stirring and mixing liquids. They are made of a durable, lightweight, and chemical-resistant plastic material and are typically cylindrical in shape, with one end flat and the other end pointed.

The flat end is used for stirring, while the pointed end can be used for breaking up clumps or for stirring in tight spaces. Polypropylene policeman stirring rods are commonly used in chemistry, biology, and pharmaceutical laboratories for mixing and stirring liquids, such as solutions, suspensions, and emulsions.

They are an economical and disposable alternative to reusable glass or metal stirring rods and are available in various sizes to accommodate different volumes and types of liquids.