Soft Loop Sterile

Soft Loop Sterile

This non-toxic disposable loop is accurate to semi quantitative stand for handling samples. Material: Polystyrene

Catalogue No.ParticularsPacking
12111/01Soft loopes - 1μl100 Pcs.
12111/02Soft loopes - 10μl100 Pcs.
12111/03Inoculation Needle100 Pcs.


“Soft loop sterile” refers to a type of sterile product, usually related to laboratory or medical equipment. The term “soft loop” refers to the soft, flexible handle or loop that is attached to the product, which allows for easy and comfortable handling and manipulation.

The “sterile” designation indicates that the product has been treated or packaged in a way that minimizes the presence of microorganisms, making it suitable for use in sterile procedures. Soft loop sterile products may include laboratory tools such as pipettes, loops for streaking cultures, or medical instruments used in surgical or wound care procedures.

These products are typically packaged in a sterile pouch or container to maintain their sterility until use.