Wooden Trolley

Wooden Trolley

In Wooden Trolley A tough laminated surface mounted on each trolley enables the placing of additional masses for increasing the effective weight of the trolley


A wooden trolley is a mobile cart used in laboratory settings to transport equipment, samples, and supplies from one location to another. Wooden trolleys are typically constructed with a sturdy wooden frame and equipped with wheels for easy movement.

They may have shelves or trays for holding items securely during transport, and some models may feature additional accessories such as hooks or clips to further secure items. Wooden trolleys are commonly used in scientific laboratories, medical facilities, and educational settings.

They are preferred over metal or plastic trolleys in some instances because they are non-conductive and do not interfere with sensitive electronic equipment. Wooden trolleys can be made from various types of wood, such as maple or oak, and are often finished with a sealant to protect against moisture and wear.