A highly stable Lab jack made from Stainless Steel 304grade material.Top plates are made from thick stainless steel sheet.

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A lab jack is a laboratory apparatus used to raise or lower equipment, such as flasks, beakers, or other laboratory glassware, to a desired height during an experiment. It consists of a platform supported by a screw mechanism that can be raised or lowered by turning a handle or knob.

The lab jack can be made of either mild steel (MS) or stainless steel (SS) depending on the requirements of the experiment. The platform of the lab jack is typically flat or slightly curved, providing a stable base for the laboratory equipment. The height of the lab jack can be adjusted precisely, allowing for more accurate measurements and observations.

Lab jacks are commonly used in chemistry and biology experiments, particularly in procedures that require precise control of the height of laboratory equipment. The material of construction of the lab jack, whether MS or SS, provides resistance to corrosion and ensures durability.