Wheel & Axle

Wheel & Axle

This Wheel & axle made-up of wooden material. This Model can work as crane or for other uses.


A wooden wheel and axle is a simple machine used in laboratories to demonstrate the principles of mechanical advantage and force amplification. It consists of a circular wooden wheel that is mounted on an axle, also made of wood. The axle has a smaller diameter than the wheel, and both are connected together so that they rotate as one unit.

To use a wooden wheel and axle, a force is applied to the outer rim of the wheel, which causes it to rotate. The rotation of the wheel creates a mechanical advantage, which means that the force applied to the wheel is amplified and transferred to the axle. Because the axle has a smaller diameter than the wheel, the force is multiplied, allowing heavy objects to be lifted with less effort.

Wooden wheel and axles are often used in educational settings to teach the principles of physics and mechanics. They can be used to demonstrate concepts such as torque, leverage, and rotational motion, and provide a hands-on way for students to explore these ideas.

Overall, a wooden wheel and axle is a simple, effective and educational tool for demonstrating the principles of mechanics in the laboratory.