Wooden pendulum is attached to a pivot point so it can swing freely. This Pendulum is made up of wooden material.


A wooden pendulum is a type of pendulum made primarily of wood. A pendulum is a device that consists of a weight, called a bob, suspended from a fixed point by a string, wire, or rod. When the bob is displaced from its resting position and released, it swings back and forth under the force of gravity, eventually coming to rest due to friction and air resistance.

Wooden pendulums have been used for centuries as a tool for measuring time. They are typically made of a wooden rod or stick, with a wooden bob suspended from the end by a string or wire. The wooden bob can be shaped in a variety of ways, such as a sphere, cone, or cylinder, and can be decorated with carvings or paintings.

The period of a pendulum, or the time it takes for one complete swing, depends on the length of the pendulum and the force of gravity. Wooden pendulums can be adjusted by changing the length of the rod or stick or by changing the weight of the bob.

Wooden pendulums are often used in educational settings to teach concepts such as oscillation, harmonic motion, and the relationship between time and distance. They can also be used in decorative or artistic applications, such as kinetic sculptures or musical instruments.