Vernier Caliper

Vernier Caliper

Catalogue No. – 19010
Vernier Calliper is used to measure the depth, thickness, length, and inner & Outer diameter of Cylinders. It is made of Best Quality Carbon Steel.

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A Vernier caliper is a precision measuring tool commonly used in laboratory and engineering settings to measure the dimensions of objects with high accuracy.

The tool consists of two main parts: the fixed jaw and the moving jaw, which can slide along a calibrated scale with fine markings known as a Vernier scale. The jaws can be adjusted to grip the object being measured, and the scale provides the measurement in millimeters or inches.

Vernier calipers typically have both an inside and outside measuring capability, and can also measure depth using an attached depth gauge. Some models also come with a dial or digital readout for easier and more accurate measurement.

The precision of Vernier calipers makes them ideal for a wide range of laboratory applications, such as measuring the diameter of test tubes, thickness of glass slides, and length of small objects with high accuracy.

Overall, Vernier calipers are a versatile and reliable tool for precise measurements in laboratory settings, and are commonly used in physics, engineering, and materials science research.