Wall Thermometer

Wall Thermometer

Catalogue No. – 19082
mounted on plastic frame, range -10
to 50

Catalogue No.Width X Ht.
19082/014 x 19cm., Small
19082/026 x 40cm., Big


A lab wall thermometer is a type of thermometer used to measure the temperature in a laboratory or other controlled environment. The thermometer typically consists of a long, narrow glass or plastic tube filled with a temperature-sensitive liquid, such as mercury or alcohol, and marked with temperature scales.

The lab wall thermometer is designed to be mounted on a wall or other vertical surface, making it convenient and easily accessible for taking temperature readings. To use the thermometer, the liquid inside the tube expands or contracts as the temperature changes, and the temperature can be read from the appropriate scale.

Lab wall thermometers are commonly used in a variety of laboratory procedures, including material testing, environmental monitoring, and research. They are also used in industrial, agricultural, and medical settings to monitor temperature changes in equipment, systems, and environments.

In addition to traditional liquid-filled lab wall thermometers, there are also digital versions available that use electronic sensors to provide a more accurate and precise reading of temperature. Regardless of the type, the use of a lab wall thermometer is important in many laboratory procedures, as it provides a quick and convenient way to measure temperature and monitor changes over time.