Hand Centrifuge

Hand Centrifuge

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A lab hand centrifuge is a type of laboratory equipment used to separate mixtures of substances by spinning them at high speed. The centrifuge typically consists of a rotor that spins around a central axis, and a container, called a tube, which holds the mixture being separated.

When the rotor is spun at high speed, the centrifugal force generated causes the heavier components of the mixture to move to the bottom of the tube, while the lighter components move to the top. This allows for the separation of different components in the mixture based on their density or weight.

Lab hand centrifuges are typically small, portable devices that can be operated manually by turning a crank or handle. They are commonly used in laboratory procedures such as blood separation, protein purification, and other applications where a quick and simple separation of components is needed.

In addition to traditional manual hand centrifuges, there are also electrically powered lab centrifuges available, which can be used to spin the rotor at a more consistent and controlled speed. The use of a lab hand centrifuge is important in many laboratory procedures, as it provides a fast and effective way to separate substances and obtain pure samples for analysis or testing.