Test Tube Stand, Wooden

Test Tube Stand, Wooden

Catalogue No. – 19076
with drying pegs, made of hardwood with single row of holes

Catalogue No.Specification With Size
19076/01for 6 test tubes with 6 pegs, 2 holes of 32mm and 4 holes of 22mm diameter
19076/02for 12 test tubes with 12 pegs, 2 holes of 32mm and 10 holes of 22mm diameter


A wooden test tube stand is a piece of laboratory equipment used to hold and organize test tubes during experiments or other procedures. It is made of wood and typically has several holes drilled into it, each of which is sized to hold a single test tube.

The wooden test tube stand provides a stable and secure platform for test tubes, preventing them from rolling or tipping over during experiments. It is also a convenient way to organize multiple test tubes, allowing them to be easily accessed and identified.

Wooden test tube stands are commonly used in a variety of laboratory settings, including chemistry, biology, and microbiology. They are often used for holding and organizing test tubes during mixing, heating, and analysis procedures.

Overall, the wooden test tube stand is a simple but essential piece of laboratory equipment that provides a stable and organized platform for test tubes, ensuring accurate and precise results in a wide range of laboratory applications.