Kjeldhal Digestion Unit

Kjeldhal Digestion Unit

Catalogue No. – 19088
complete with heating shelf, fume duct, stand and glass flasks. The
heater have individual switches with energy regulator. Flask capacity
500ml. Operates on 220-240V AC 50Hz.

Catalogue No.Type
19088/01Units of 3 test
19088/02Units of 6 test


The Kjeldahl digestion unit is a piece of laboratory equipment used in chemical analysis, especially in determining the nitrogen content in a sample. The Kjeldahl method involves converting nitrogen present in the sample into ammonium sulfate, which can then be quantified and used to determine the total nitrogen content.

The Kjeldahl digestion unit typically consists of a heating apparatus, such as a hot plate or a heating mantle, and a digestion flask. The sample and a mixture of sulfuric acid and potassium sulfate are placed in the digestion flask, which is then heated to a high temperature to promote the conversion of nitrogen into ammonium sulfate. The released ammonia is then distilled and quantified.

The Kjeldahl digestion unit is a widely used method in the food and agricultural industries, as well as in environmental testing and quality control. It is considered to be one of the most accurate methods for determining nitrogen content, but it is also time-consuming and requires skilled technicians to perform the analysis properly.