Thermometer Mercury

Thermometer Mercury

Catalogue No. – 19080
yellow back, 300mm long

Catalogue No.Temp. Range
19080/010 to 50
19080/02-10 to 110
19080/03-10 to 150
19080/040 to 250
19080/050 to 360


A lab thermometer mercury is a type of thermometer commonly used in laboratory settings for measuring temperatures. It consists of a glass tube with a bulb at one end and a scale marked on the tube. The bulb contains mercury, which expands and contracts with temperature changes, causing the mercury level to rise or fall in the tube.

The scale on the tube is marked in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit, allowing the user to read the temperature. Mercury thermometers are accurate and reliable, but due to the toxicity of mercury, they are being phased out in favor of digital alternatives.